Albio Gel Seat Cushion for Long hours Computer working, Driving & Sitting comfort, Size 17 x 15 Inches


  • People who have to sit for long hours at work or have to go for long drives often feel pain in their tailbone and spine due to pressure points aggravated in the spine and hip area.
  • Gel Corrugated Sheet Pasted on Foam Cushion for Better Comfort
  • Easy To store and washable cloth cover
  • Effective for persons with tailbone pain or patients with piles
  • Long Life : Unbreakable : Retains position even after hours of continuous and heavy use.

People suffering from tail bone injury often find it difficult to sit on normal seats. Thus they tend to search for a coccyx support, one which is U shaped and cut from center so as to avoid inflammatory pain in the tail bone area. The Albio Gel Coccyx Support is a 100% Gel based support, which will not only support the patient but also remain intact for years, due to its gel cushioning. 100% Gel material pasted on High grade Foam.


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