Albio CP Walker Child Large – Height Adjustable Cerebral Palsy Walker, Most Suitable for Child Height 2.5 Feet to 4.25 Feet, with Re moveable Head Rest, Seat and Body Supporting Chest Belt


  • Four-wheeled posture control walker with Head Rest & Body Supporting Chest Belt. Most Suitable for Child height 2.5 ft to 4.0 Feet.
  • Reduces the risk of fractures and osteoporosis and Increases bone strength.
  • For both Sitting and Standing movement. The sitting pad can be removed also be adjusted as per Child comfort and rectangle frame (Dia 30cms) supports body while walking.
  • Specially designed flexi seat prevents CROSS LEG.Height adjustable Handle and Upper Frame 55 cms to 90 cms apprx. from ground.
  • Most Suitable for Childs height 3 ft to 4.0 Feet. It can also be made Customize as per requirement.
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Albio CP Walker comes in sturdy construction finish so as to provide for optimum functional support in physiotherapy sessions. For easy usage, these walkers come supported by wider supporting legs, gripped handles, adjustable knobs and other supports for easy walking. Some of its features include function as support for disabled to gain walking practice; sturdy construction finish for lasting usage. These walkers have four posts with wheels on each. They can help children who have issues with balance and posture.


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