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Model: ABR1
Back RestCar Back RestChair Back RestAlbio Backrest is an light weight cushion which provides optimum support and comfort to your back. It is a great aid to correct the sitting posture advisory by Orthopedic and it also helps reduce backaches...
Model: ABSGc1
Product Size: 17″x16″x3″, Gel Size: 17″x10″x3 mm, back support, offers great lumbar area L1 support for your back, not only to adjust to your comfortable angle, but also the perfect support for the waist.Comfortable seat for individual sitting in office chair, riding in car or simply for relaxing at..
Model: ABWBC
Albio Bed Wedge Back Cushion Support for Sleeping can help reduce post operative problems following surgery or injury including swelling, pressure, muscle tension and pain in upper part of body.Keeping an injured part elevated on a bed can help reduce throbbing and swelling. Relaxing operated muscle..
Brand: Albio Model: ACTC
Albio Coccyx TailBone Cushion Foam provides incredible sitting comfort when placed on your chair, bench, car seat, plane seat, floor, or wheelchair etc. It helps to eliminate the feeling of pain or numbness while sitting for long periods of time and is the perfect Padding or Extra cushioning so..
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